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Hot Spots at X Chicago Apartments in University Village

Bar Louie

If you’re in search of a watering hole with an authentic local crowd experience, Bar Louie is your destination.

Bracket Room

Sports and an endless selection of beer stands as the focal point of the Bracket Room. Well, not endless, but 40 different beers on tap is pretty close.

Pleasant House Pub

Transport yourself to the land of dark beers and funny accents. Okay, the accents might not be there, but Pleasant House Pub’s savory English pies are as authentic as it gets.


Feeling divey? The Skylark is just the place for you. Pull up a barstool and get settled in for interesting conversation and good times.


This local breakfast/lunch spot is the ideal spot for those craving big-time flavor and even bigger portions.

Manny's Deli

Serving up no frills delicatessen in a cafeteria-style setting, Manny’s Deli is no joke.

Dusek's Board & Beer

With a One Michelin Star rating, you get a sense of what Dusek’s is all about. When you get to try the food and beer, you know exactly what Dusek’s is all about.


If you haven’t had a classic Chicago dog or double beer sandwich, this is your chance. Portillo’s has been serving up delicious American fare since 1963.

Mario's Italian Lemonade

A summertime staple if there ever was one. Mario’s Italian style shaved ice is so much more than the name would suggest.

Roosevelt Collection

As their slogan states, “where life meets leisure,” is only down the road from X Chicago for your enjoyment. Shops, dining, and a movie experience can be found here.

2nd Friday's Artwalk

As the name aptly highlights, every 2nd Friday of the month the public is invited to Chicago Arts District’s new and exciting exhibitions.

VIP Paints

Ready to unleash your inner Van Gogh or Picasso with a glass of Pinot Noir in your hand? VIPPaints is Chicago’s best BYOB painting class around.

James Turrell Skyspace

Less than a block away from X Chicago, James Turrell’s Skyspace is an incredible achievement of art and scientific beauty.

Fulton Market

Head straight North on Halsted and you’ll soon find yourself in an endless area of flavor.

LA Fitness

Need to unleash some endorphins through running or lifting weights? LA Fitness has everything you need to make that happen.

Crossfit Commitment

For the truly dedicated, or should we say committed, this crossfit gym is sure to get the blood pumping and heart-rate racing.


This local supermarket is perfect for relatively inexpensive groceries so that you can have food in your pantry.

Whole Foods

If you crave organic food and higher quality, Whole Foods is a great option.

X Chicago

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